I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously, I was a Ph.D. student of HCI at Ulm University, Germany. My Ph.D. has been supervised by Prof. Dr. Enrico Rukzio (Human-Computer Interaction group, Ulm University, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Bulling (Perceptual User Interfaces group, University of Stuttgart, Germany).
My Ph.D. work focuses on the problem of digital eye strain with virtual reality head-mounted displays. Advancements in display technology and the miniaturization of sensors have led to virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) advancing from research devices to everyday end user technology. However, the devices expose users to digital eye strain (DES) - a rapidly spreading health problem in today's digital society that includes eye and vision problems and affects users' overall quality of life and general well-being. During my Ph.D., I investigated properties and causes that contribute to DES in VR HMDs, and developed and evaluated solutions. Furthermore, I critically assess the role of DES in a bigger context of general discomfort in VR HMDs. Using an exploratory factor analysis, I propose an extended factor model of discomfort in VR HMDs that serves as a basis for a sensitive and timely discomfort measure.